Real Scientific Hemp Oil – Part II – The Journey from Commodity to Medicine

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Part I of this series describes Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) and the present state of hemp in America.  Here we will expand more on how RSHO enters the body and its beneficial effects.

Product Production

RSHO is produced by extracting the raw oil from the hemp plant’s seed and stalk (it can also be extracted from other fibers as well). Being a botanical compound, the Cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations will vary from plant to plant because of genetics and the various growing conditions experienced by the crop. This makes predetermining the precise CBD concentrations in the hemp oil difficult. As mentioned in Part I, CBD-rich oil will be sold in concentrations of 10% to 25% and will have a Certificate of Analysis with each sale.

There are numerous pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies interested in obtaining raw oil from the US Hemp Oil. The company will soon be offering industry leader searches.  These distribution paths could prove to be very beneficial for investors of Medical Marijuana, Inc’s (MJNA.PK), PhytoSPHERE Systems and the holder of its intellectual property holder, CannaVest Corp (OTC: CANV).

Sublingual Delivery

The company is focused on ensuring that members of its Customer Benefit Program and other consumers of it products achieve the maximal effects of the CBD.  It’s recommending to its clients a 60 day program where one gram of oil (200mgs CBD) is ingested each day. Packaging will come in various forms and support the recommended use.

RSHO is optimal to allow for the beneficial CBD rich-oil to be absorbed through sublingual application. Sublingual is Latin and translates literally into “under the tongue”. This allows the CBD to contact the oral mucosa which contains small micro-capillaries allowing the compound to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  Absorption directly into the bloodstream allows for an almost immediate effect.  This rapid absorption is achieved by the initial CBD bypassing the liver metabolism allowing for the full strength of the CBD to be experienced.

As the remaining CBD rich-oil is swallowed it enters the digestive system and is directed to the liver by the hepatic portal system.  The liver will then metabolize the remaining CBD which will later enter the bloodstream to provide a delayed but longer lasting effect.

This secondary longer lasting effect from the RSHO provides pain relief lasting for several hours. There have been stories of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease having their tremors ceased for several hours. Even those suffering from sleep disorders have been known to not need to take their sleep medications because of the longer lasting effects of the CBD rich-oil. But what’s truly exciting is that CBD might prove to be an effective treatment for seizures.

CBD Offers Alternative to THC for Treating Seizures

The Gazette reported back in June about a six year old girl named Charlotte Figi who had been suffering from severe seizures for most of her tiny little life.  He parents had tried many different medications and diets to try and bring her affliction under control. They were so distraught over the length and violent nature of her seizures that they signed a “do not resuscitate” order to advise medical personnel not to perform any life saving measures on Charlotte, thus allowing fate to determine if she would survive or not.

Charlotte, who could suffer up to 60 seizures per day, had become listless, not able to walk or talk, when her doctor recommended marijuana for her. Her parents eventually agreed to try the cannabis and Charlotte who was having up to 1,200 seizures per month, was down to three the article reported.

Charlotte is treated with a low THC – high CBD strain of cannabis. She is becoming known “as one of the youngest marijuana patients in Colorado”, supposedly drawing the attention of CNN. The US government through the National Institutes of Health has researched Cannabinoids and outlines in its patent US 6630507 B1 that “Non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as Cannabidiol, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses…”). (Citation 1) The ability to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC is especially important for such young patients as Charlotte.


RSHO provides an excellent way to determine the amount of CBD concentration that is being purchased through the Certificate of Analysis that comes with each product. Patients like Charlotte who have difficult diseases to treat now have a legal alternative for treatment.  Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO)  can be purchased by clicking on the link provided.

This is Part II of a three part series on Real Scientific Hemp Oil.  Part I can be found here.  Part III will delve more into the medical benefits of CBD and will discuss the “Entourage Effect”, so check back soon to learn more about this wonderful product.

Disclosure: I am long MJNA and (OTC: CANV).  This article was written on behalf of Medical Marijuana, Inc.


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